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  • I can't find my country listed in checkout, what do I do?"
    In the rare case that you cannot find your shipping location during checkout, please contact us so we can correct the issue.
  • How much is shipping?
    As shipping varies depending on destination country and weight of your order, please collect all items to your cart and check for shipping costs during the checkout process.
  • I chose non tracked shipping for an order and it hasn't arrived yet, what do I do?"
    In some countries there may be a non tracked shipping method available. This is meant to be an economic alternative, however, this means there is no recourse if your order is delayed or lost in transit. Using the tracked methods available is highly encouraged to ensure you know where you order is every step of the way and have that security and peace of mind.
  • I can't find the prop I need in the shop, do you do custom pieces?"
    YES! Here at 3D Nerd Creations, we have over 10 years of modelling and 3D printing experience and with over 170 unique colours we can take your idea from fantasy to reality. Please reach out with our contact us form and tell us about your idea, include needed by date if applicable.
  • Do you attend any events?
    Unfortunately, due to COVID, it is not currently safe for conventions and markets to occur, however, when it is safe to do so, 3D Nerd Creations will start attending conventions. Please stay tuned via Instagram and Facebook for any event announcements.
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