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A Fan/Nerd First!

My story began back in 2012 after having spent 3 months on a Halloween costume, a friend informed me that I was a GIANT nerd and that I NEEDED to attend FanExpo; it was love at first sight. I decided that the following year I would need 4 new cosplays, one for each day of the convention, because as we all know, one cosplay is just never enough.


An Engineer Second

I went to university for mechanical engineering, there I had my first experience with 3D modelling and printing. My first project; a Kinder Surprise toy,  still sits on my desk. Enthralled by the creativity and possibilities, I was instantly hooked. Since then I have designed, printed, painted assembled and sewn thousands of different items. 

Image by ZMorph All-in-One 3D Printers

I Combined The Two

I then took my love for cosplay and my engineering degree and experience and merged them together to create 3D Nerd Creations. More importantly, I wanted to help other people, like me, who wanted to cosplay their favourite characters and need that perfect prop, that looks virtually identical to the source material, or a piece from their favourite show, movie, manga, anime, or game they can display, or always treasure.


Meet The Team

Hi I'm Michelle


Mechanical Engineer, 9 years 3D modelling experience, 20+ years video gaming and anime watching experience.



Heated print bed tester

Purrfect employee since 2021

peaches and cream.jpg

Peaches & Cream

Co-Managers of cardboard box inventory and quality assurance

Purrfect employees since 2019.

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